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Tuesday, July 21 2015
The Costs of Failing to Complete Important Life and Death Planning Documents Until It is Too Late

What are the costs to you and your loved ones if you fail to complete important life and death planning documents until it is too late?  Do you want to make your own health care decisions or leave them to doctors who know little about you or your family? Do you want your finances maintained if you are incapacitated? Do you want your heirs to receive your assets and property? Being proactive can save emotional and financial costs to you and your family, and give you peace of mind.

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Tuesday, July 07 2015
What Does Being Mortal Mean (Part 4)

To Atul Gwande, life is meaningful because it is a story. “A story has a sense of a whole, and its arc is determined by the significant moments, the ones where something happens…and in stories, endings matter.”

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