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Family Law

The firm offers a limited, but important service for individuals who want a confidential consultation about the legal, financial, and emotional realities of separation and divorce. Clients explore the realistic range of options for resolution—from the happy path to the destructive path of litigation.

Flat Fee of $350.00 for up to 2 Hours

  • Assess family situation—strengths & challenges
  • Discuss how the family’s situation & circumstances fit into existing laws (legal landscape)
  • Explore all avenues for resolution—in order of least expensive to most expensive
    • Do nothing—obtain absolute divorce when appropriate
    • Take care of family business without legal action
    • Drafting and negotiating a separation agreement
    • Collaborative representation
    • Mediation
    • Four-way settlement conferences (2 parties & 2 attorneys)
    • Coaching
    • Arbitration
    • Attorney negotiation—including mediated settlement conferences
    • Litigation
    • Parenting coordinators
  • Provide practical advice and recommendations for client to achieve his/her goals
    The Practice

    Alisa Huffman, MSW. JD, and Blair Biser, JD, are licensed to practice law only in the State of North Carolina. The materials included on this web site are not intended as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed by the use of the information from this site or the links from this site to other servers.

    Contact us

    311 S Academy Street Cary, NC 27511
    Phone: 919.655.0414, 919.655.0412