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Alisa Huffman, MSW, JD Family & Elder Law
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Initial Comprehensive Consultation for Elder Law and Estate Planning

Flat fee of $300 for up to 2 hours ($250 for associate attorney)

  • Assess family situationstrengths & challenges
  • Identify client's goals, values, resources and options
  • Identify status of last will and testament, healthcare power of attorney, financial power of attorney, and living will
  • Discuss options for naming children's guardian, trustee, executor, healthcare power of attorney, durable power of attorney
  • Discuss options for leaving property to loved ones and charities
  • Identify care options ranging from aging at hometo assisted living to skilled nursing care
  • Identify options for paying for healthcare
  • Develop plan of action for next steps

Drafting and Signing Estate Planning and Healthcare Documents

Basic Package Flat Fee

  • Last Will and Testament 
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)
  • Living Will

Complex Package Flat Fee

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)
  • Living Will
  • Testamentary Trust and/or Revocable Living Trusts

Planning for Long-term Care Options and How to Pay for Them

Flat Fee for Initial Consultation - Hourly Rate thereafter

  • Assess family situationstrengths & challenges
  • Identify family goals, values, resources and options
  • Evaluate personal income(s), assets and liabilities
  • Evaluate current and project budgets
  • Produce comprehensive long-term care plan outlining types of care and private and public sources of funding (e.g. Medicaid and Veteran's benefits)
  • Create summary report with cost projections and gaps

Estate Administration (Probate)

Hourly Rate

  • Advise and assist personal representative on estate administration process
  • Prepare probate documents and submit to Clerk of Court's Estate Division
  • Produce and submit legal documents to resolve claims and distribute assets
  • Serve as liaison to Clerk of Court's Office throughout estate administration process

Guardianship Services

Hourly Rate

  • Advise individual/families on types of guardians, responsibilities of guardians, and court guardianship proceedings
  • Assess family situationstrengths & challenges
  • Identify family goals, values, resources and options
  • Produce plan of care and develop action plan
  • Represent individual/families in guardianship proceedings

Consultation for Family Law Issues (limited caseload)

Flat Fee of $400 for up to 2 Hours

  • Assess family situationstrengths & challenges
  • Discuss how the family’s situation & circumstances fit into existing laws (legal landscape)
  • Explore all avenues for resolution—in order of least expensive to most expensive
    • Do nothing—obtain absolute divorce when appropriate
    • Take care of family business without legal action
    • Drafting and negotiating a separation agreement
    • Collaborative representation
    • Mediation
    • Four-way settlement conferences (2 parties & 2 attorneys)
    • Coaching
    • Arbitration
    • Attorney negotiation—including mediated settlement conferences
    • Litigation
    • Parenting coordinators
  • Provide practical advice and recommendations for client to achieve his/her goals

Collaborative Law Representation (limited caseload)

Hourly Rate

  • Limited representation of client pursuant to N.C.G.S §50-70 (no litigation, contract with client NOT to go to court)
  • Read the law here
  • Negotiate with spouse's attorney for resolution of legal issues
  • Coach clients when they decide to represent themselves
  • Refer to mediators and arbitrators (see below)​

Drafting and Negotiating Separation Agreements

Hourly Rate

  • Assessment of factors to consider when deciding whether client needs a separation agreement
    • ​Finality
    • Inheritance issues
    • Free trader agreement
    • Resolution of marital property division
    • Resolution of post-separation support and alimony
    • Resolution of heart balm statues
  • ​Parenting Agreement with or without child support

VA Benefits

Hourly Rate as appropriate and approved by the VA Administration

Public Benefits, e.g., Medicaid 

Hourly or Flat Fee Rate 


The actual cost of your case depends on many factors including, the number and complexity of your issues, the amount of time involved, and whether you are able to settle your legal dispute outside of court or must file one or more lawsuits. When clients are accepted for representation, they sign a written fee agreement and might be required to deposit money that will be held in a trust account for future work billed on an hourly basis. We discuss attorney fees during the initial consultation.

    The Practice

    Alisa Huffman, MSW. JD, is licensed to practice law only in the State of North Carolina. The materials included on this web site are not intended as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed by the use of the information from this site or the links from this site to other servers.

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